CFP: Amaltea Journal Issue 5: Myth of the Apocalypse

*This information is also available in español español and français

Amaltea, an open-access refereed online journal dedicated to the reception of myths in contemporary Western literature, invites the submission of original articles for its 2013 issue.URL:

From now on,
Amaltea (ISSN 1989-1709) will only publish original research articles in English, Spanish and French. The journal’s editorial structure comprises a team of 100 professors and researchers from 30 universities in 15 different countries. The editorial and advisory boards, with the support of a large group of reviewers, guarantee the quality of published articles, all of which undergo a strict double-blind peer review process up until the time of publication. Previous issues of the Journal include:

 Issue 1 (2009). “The Labyrinth”: 2 (2010). “Arachne”: 3 (2011). “The mythic Double”: 4 (2012). “Prometheus the Rebel”:

The submissions for Issue 5 on the myth of the Apocalypse should be sent before 1 February 2013 to the journal’s email address This issue will be published on 1 October, 2013. Contributions for the Miscellany and Reviews sections are more than welcome.Information on deadlines, submission guidelines and other advice may be found at:,The Editor and the Editorial Board of Amaltea


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