CFP: Gender and Sexuality Journal

Gender and Sexuality in Fairy Tales – Then and Now

Recently, Hollywood rediscovered the fairy tale and released two reworkings of the story of Snow White. This continued interest in the imagery of these tales is palpable around us every day, from the aggressive marketing of pink princess paraphernalia for little girls to the cultural trope of the evil stepmother. But how is gender conceptualized in these stories and how do these gender roles fit into our world today? What do they have to teach us about gender expressions and expectations, then and now, and how do these stories fit into our world today?

Topics can include:

  • “Disneyfication” of girlhood
  • Shrek, The Princess and The Frog, and other modern fairy tales
  • Gender and sexuality in fairy tales
  • Modern retellings of Grimm’s tales
  • Fairytale tropes in culture (evil stepmother, Prince Charming, etc)

Deadline: January 1st, 2013.

Style Sheet

Target articles should conform to our style sheet and should not exceed 8,000 words. Please include a bio-blurb and an abstract of 10 to 15 lines. Use endnotes and fully documented references at the end of the article. Files should be sent as email attachments in Word format (doc, not docx). Please send your manuscripts to gender-forum”AT”

We also would like to invite you to contribute to our common research goals as readers and contributors. Please inform us about your recent publications and ask your publisher to send review copies to gender forum. Added links to on-line bookshops will facilitate orders of requested titles.


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