What happened to 2012?

So, NaThWriMo was an unmitigated disaster. November disappeared into the black hole that was the book I’ve been co-editing, and December pretty much went the same way. (Edit: And now January has gone a similar way. *Gulp*)

While this was bad news in the short term for the progress of my thesis, I recognise that it was good news in the long term for a couple of main reasons. Firstly, I’m co-editor of an awesome collection of inter-disciplinary research. The E-Book will come out later this year, and it’s with the publishers at the moment for final checks  so I can’t reveal anything like the title. I can tell you that it’s research from the 10th Global Monsters and the Monstrous conference that was held in September 2012 and that  all of the chapters offer interesting and insightful commentary on various incarnations of the monstrous in art, film and literature. Secondly, I’m also the author of a chapter in the same book so sometime next month I’ll have another publication to my name – this time one directly related to my thesis project. As soon as I’m allowed I’ll post information about the publication here.

dorothy-accurate-but-misleading-demotivational-posters-1293582099I’m just back from the wonderful Returning to Oz: the Afterlife of Dorothy conference in Manchester, where I listened to a keynote and questioned the man himself. Yep, I spoke to Gregory Maguire.

The conference was live tweeted using the hashtag #dorothycon and you can see the results here. The hope is to produce an academic publication related to the papers presented at the conference. Considering that the keynotes were given by Geoff Ryman, author of Was and Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked this is a pretty exciting prospect.

Oh, and I might be in it as well.

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