CFP: Exegesis e-Journal Autumn Issue

Landscapes: Real, Digital, Imagined

‘Any landscape is a condition of the spirit’

Exegesis, the peer-reviewed academic e-journal of the English Department at Royal Holloway, University of London, is now accepting submissions for the Autumn 2013 edition on ‘Landscapes: Real, Digital, Imagined’. For this issue we hope to attract creative writing dealing with the notion of landscape, broadly considered, as well as literary, historical and other critical readings informed by considerations of space, form and location. Authors may choose to investigate this topic literally, metaphorically, or theoretically, and in terms of specific texts, authors, times, or places. Articles and creative pieces might address, but are not limited to, any of the following subjects:

Natural landscapes: forests, rivers, mountains
Man-made landscapes: the city, the road
Transitory landscapes: weather, the seasons, natural disasters
Fantasy landscapes: utopias, dreamscapes, extra-terrestrial worlds
Imagined landscapes: migration and memory
Journeys: on foot, by car, at sea
Conservation and destruction: heritage, environmentalism, ecocriticism
Regional landscapes: within Britain, Europe, the world
Pastoral: its meanings and history
Psychological: landscapes of the mind
Literary movements and the landscapes they reflect (and reflect on)
The digital landscape and a place for the humanities
Aesthetics, style and form: reading a landscape
Domestic landscapes: interiors, homes

We welcome previously unpublished essays, short articles, reviews, and creative pieces on each issue’s theme from postgraduate research students and early career academics. Essays and short articles should be between 4000-6000 words. Creative pieces are welcomed of no more than 5000 words.

Exegesis is also interested in analytical exhibition, film, theatre, conference, and book reviews of 800 – 1000 words (including references) on the broad theme of ‘British Cultural Landscapes’. Please ensure that books reviewed were published within the last three years, and that other events reviewed occurred within the last six months. Exegesis is particularly interested in covering exhibitions running across the United Kingdom.

Submission deadline is Monday 22 July 2013. Please submit via the following email addresses:

To submit a critical work,
To submit a creative work,
To submit a book review,

Please include your name, academic affiliation, the title of your submission, 5-7 keywords, and a 3-5 sentence abstract of the article or review piece.

Please note: All submissions must adhere to MHRA style guidelines. Additionally, we now require submissions to be in our Submission Template which can be found at; please read the instructions within the template closely.

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