Being Non/Human Discussion Group: Why We Need Research Groups

Earlier in the year I saw a CFP for a graduate and early career researcher interdisciplinary discussion group at King’s College London. This was, as I’m sure you have deduced from the title of this post, the Bering Non/Human discussion group. So far I haven’t been able to attend, as I’ve been down South either just before or just after each of the sessions. A little frustrating for me, however this is alleviated somewhat by their excellent website. The organisers update this regularly with reports from the meetings, as well as information on relevant events, exhibitions and the all-important abstracts for the papers presented in the discussion group.

Most postgraduate students will be familiar with the PG forums or discussion groups that usually exist within their own departments or colleges. These can be lively and vital life lines for PG researchers, especially those writing dissertations or theses as they tend to spend a lot of time alone with their research and their computer, with only supervisor(s) for regular research discussions. This is especially the case for students like me who do not live on campus and travel in only once or twice a week.

While the PG forums or seminar groups within your department can offer a great opportunity to present and hear research, to test your arguments, and to be inspired by others’, they can also at times be utterly irrelevant to your own focus as in any one department there can be a very broad range of research topics. Discussion groups like the Being Non/Human group differ from the departmental PG forum in that they offer all the benefits of conference attendance where everyone is in the same research area, with the benefits of the PG forum where papers are not expected to be fully rounded, complete research.

Upcoming sessions:

9th December 2013:

13th January 2014:

3rd February 2014:

10th March 2014:

7th April 2014:

12th May 2014:

  • speakers to be confirmed

2nd June 2014:

Previous sessions, for information:

14th October 2013:

11th November 2013:

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