Wanted: Research Groups/Centres

After my post on the Being Non/Human Discussion Group, I got thinking about all of the small but vital research groups that have been instrumental in my development through my PhD. Groups that have given me the opportunity to present my research in welcoming, yet critical environments. Research centres that have brought together . Individuals within those centres or groups who have offered support and helped me build my confidence in my research aims and my academic clout. Academics who have become friends as much as collaborators or research partners.

With this in mind, I’ll be starting a Spotlight on Research series of blog posts here. They will highlight a selection of these small research groups that I have had the pleasure to work with throughout my postgraduate research, some of whom will be familiar names to those of you who read the blog through the CFPs I post here. 

Are there any research groups or centres, either online or “live”, that you’ve found useful and would like features in the blog series? Let me know in the comments or email me directly at karen.graham{at}abdn.ac.uk

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