Upcoming Conference and Special Screening

It seems like I’ve got nothing but conferences at the moment. In my defense, I had been under a self-imposed conference embargo until after the thesis was submitted and since I thought I would have been done by now, it made sense to plan ahead. While the last conference was planned as a way to ease myself back in to a neglected research area, this next one is very much business as usual.

Indeed, this conference is so firmly within my research are that my primary supervisor sent me the CFP – something that he rarely does – and the announcement that registration was open.

The Wizard of Oz and the Cultural Imagination: A Conference celebrating and interrogating 75 years of the MGM Musical takes place on the 21st and 22nd November in Brighton (where else?). I’ll be presenting on myth, Oz and Gregory Maguire brining together some of the key elements of my thesis into a 20 minute paper.

Oz at 75 Conference Programme

And, as seems to be the current trend, there is also a related public event following the first day of the conference. This mixing of academic conference and public festival was particularly effective at the recent Locating the Gothic Conference and Festival and I’m very pleased to see a similar ethos at the Wizard of Oz conference with the inclusion of a sing-along screening of The Wizard of Oz on Friday 21st November. As in the tradition of film screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, audience members are encouraged to dress up as their favourite characters. It also includes a cabaret performance by Irregular Arts and you can book tickets here.

I’ll be donning my ruby slippers and gingham dress for the occasion. Whether or not I’ll wear them to present my paper is another question. I did present my paper at the Dorothy Conference in them, so I’m not ruling it out entirely.

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