Fantasy MLitt at the University of Glasgow

Things have come a long way since I did my MLitt in 20*mumble mumble*. Even though I did a course that was considered quite different at the time, it was in a very established academic subject area. While my MLitt dissertation was on a fantasy text, I had to alter the focus of my research to fit in better with the overall area of the course. It’s also a similar situation with my PhD thesis, but working in an area outside of your supervisor’s/discipline’s specialist are is somewhat more expected with a thesis than a taught Masters.

What I mean to say is that I would have loved the change to do an MLitt in fantasy, and Glasgow is a wonderful place for the course. If you’re thinking about PG study I would urge you to apply.

Fantasy Flyer JPEGWhether you are an ardent fan of fantasy fiction, or are you simply curious as to why the fantastic can be found all around us in the twenty-first century, from videogames and films to poetry, songs, television, novel series, and so-called ‘mainstream’ fiction, this programme allows you to engage with one of the most vibrant literary genres of the last two centuries – and one of the most significant cultural phenomena of our time.

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  1. Hello 🙂 I’m thinking of applying for this Master’s degree, so could you please give me some more information about it?

    1. I’m not affiliated with the MLitt, Akylina. I suggest that you contact Rob Maslen at Glasgow using the email address in the flyer or visit their website.

  2. Hey! I’m not from the UK, so I just wanted to ask you a general question. For a taught Master’s degree should you try to contact an adviser beforehand or not?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Jay. When I did my MLitt I did speak to the programme co-ordinators in advance, however I was at an open day and it was a course run by my Alma Mater, so I knew them before hand. Any course organiser will be open to contact from potential students, however you can simply apply for the course without having done this. Hope this helps.

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