Folklore Resources – This is not a blog

I’m not really blogging and I am still on hiatus while I finish the thesis but I’ve just come across a really good list of folklore studies resources complied by Ohio State University:

This is a very useful list for two reasons. The first is obviously that it collates a wide range of resources in one place. This is a good way to find related journals and research groups that you weren’t aware of, and subjects that you might have not thought of filing under the ‘folklore’ umbrella. It also lets you know which journals are available online and which are print only. One of the things I read this week regarding what you should do if you want to fail your PhD mentioned the propensity for students of the Web 2.0 generation to rely to heavily on online resources, in particular to non-peer reviewed sources like blog posts. I remember not having online access to some journals through my library as a Master’s student and asking our subject librarian about it. She assured me that we had a subscription to those journals, but they were hard copies. She showed me how to look up the catalogue and where to find them. It was a valuable exercise in research but it also really helped me understand why the referencing system needed to be formatted the way it was. Without all of the information, I wouldn’t have found them and google is not always the answer. (Other search engines are available.)

Secondly, this gives those looking to publish research a handy list of the most common journals in the field with their publishing ethos and schedule. Publishing is not something I’m stressing too much about at the moment, however it is a very big part of getting good publications is knowing where to submit and when.

Ok, so that looks pretty much like a blog. It was really just note taking though. That’s what I was doing, taking notes and publishing them online so they are easy to find later. *cough*


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