CFP: Special Issue on Terry Pratchet

The online journal for gender studies Gender Forum have issued a call for papers for a special issue on gender and the fantastic worlds of Terry Pratchett. The CFP is included below. For more information on the journal, please visit their website.

Special Issue: Engendering the Disc – The Fantastic Worlds of Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett is one of the UK’s most brilliant fantasy writers and was an inveterate humourist with a knack of creating unforgettable characters. Writing with verve, poignancy and daring, Pratchett is known for his signature style as much as for the bold criticism deftly embedded in his comedic writing. In honour of Sir Terry, gender forum will publish a special issue dedicated to him and his works.

We are looking for articles on:

  • the construction of gender on The Discworld,
  • circumventing gender and genre stereotypes in the Witch novels,
  • engendering genderless entities (such as Death, the Death of Rats, the Luggage, the Auditors, and so on),
  • placing Pratchett’s work in the framework of other fantasy authors, both current and contemporary,
  • the notion of engendering Pratchett’s audiobooks,

In keeping with the journal’s scope, all submissions must have a strong gender studies component. If you wish to contribute a paper of 4000-6000 words in the MLA style, we kindly ask you to send a brief proposal of 300 words outlining the topic of your paper as soon as possible to Please also include a brief author bio of 300 words max.

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