Monstrously Good Fun with Sheffield Gothic

I’ve neglected the blog somewhat while I’ve been in post-submission/pre-Viva limbo. This is mostly because I was lucky enough to be able to switch to full time hours just as I submitted. While I’m still waiting on the Viva, I have kept my hand in academically witch conferences, seminars and academic discussions on social media and in real life.

I recently attended the Reimagining the Gothic Showcase and Symposium at the University of Sheffield, where I presented a paper on ‘Fear in the age of the sparkly vampire’. It was a wonderful event, with both academic and public talks and even a children’s programme for Little Monsters. (The grown-up academics might have been a little jealous of their monster masks.)

One of the things that I really enjoyed about the event was the live tweeting. This was encouraged early on in proceedings, with the various Gothic hashtags and discussions before people started to arrive. There has been some controversy lately about live tweeting conferences. Much of it stems for the idea that you might not want your conferences paper “published” online as it is new work. Personally I don’t consider there to be any difference between having a discussion about someone’s paper online or in real life. Twitter is a conversation, not a finished publication. If you’re interested on the other side of this discussion you can read about it here.

I tweeted from the Gothic Temporalities account for the day, except for a few instances when I had some personal musings about the day. (Mostly discussing things off topic, like how I’ll never escape references to The Wizard of Oz for the rest of my existence, getting a massive wave of imposter syndrome, or about specific terms that I’m twitchy about.)

Since this is mostly new research and not thesis related at all, I mostly swapped my usual note-taking for live tweeting. It also gave me access to everyone else’s note taking and so I’ve collated them into a one feed using Storify (embded below, or you can get the full screen here). This is also good practice for the upcoming Gothic Temporalities conference, which I’m lead organizer for. Do let me know if you find the Storify uselful.

I should have the tweets from the public Showcase (including public lecture by Xavier Aldana Reyes) and a proper review of the whole event up by next week.

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