Category Guide

  • Books – Book reviews (both academic collections and fiction) and information on books I have contributed to, either as author or editor.
  • Conferences/Journals – Calls for Papers for conferences and journals that fall under the broad spectrum of my research interests in adaptation; myth, fairy tale & folklore; the Gothic; the Monstrous; fantasy and science fiction; children’s literature; popular culture and some of general interest. I usually only list UK conferences, but there are some exceptions.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole – A catch-all category for posts which aren’t directly related to research. Pretty much me doing things other than the tasks I’m supposed to be doing, like Alice.
  • Reading Round-up – Developed from an original blog about reading as a doctoral researcher and building a reading routine by Pat Thomson who blogs at Patter (which you can read here), these are posts where I take a look at me reading strategies and what I’ve actually read over a period of time.
  • Research Groups – Posts in the Spotlight on Research series and guests posts from research/discussion group participants and organisers.
  • Thesis – Posts directly related to my thesis is some way. These will either be about my experiences of writing the thesis or about the actual content. I anticipate that the posts will be dominated by the former until my submission date, at which point I should be in a better position to produce the latter kind.

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