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Interesting research or other blogs that are not directly related to my thesis. May also be a documentation of procrastination tools.

The Old Gods and the New: Religion in Westeros and Beyond

Originally posted on The Spectatorial:
Illustrated by Mia Carnevale Just as George R. R. Martin draws inspiration from real-world history and politics to add depth to his world in A Song of Ice and Fire (or, as HBO would prefer, Game of…

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Fabricating Histories: Steampunk, Neo-Victorianism, and the Fantastic — Interesting Literature

By Claire Nally A new exhibition on Steampunk and Neo-Victorian culture opens in November – entitled Fabricating Histories, it explores the ways in which we can think about, and challenge, the legacy of history. Dr Claire Nally, co-curator of the … Continue reading

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Radical Fairy Tales and Little Monsters

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the succession of CFPs that have severed as substitutes for my updates of late. I’m currently in academic limbo between submission and viva. I’ve also increased my hours at work, and so have been … Continue reading

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Graduate Workshop: Texts and contexts: the cultural legacies of Ada Lovelace

Deadline 18th Sept 2015 ‘That brain of mine is more than merely mortal; as time will show.’ A workshop for graduate students and early career researchers Tuesday 8 December 2015 Mathematics Institute and St Anne’s College, Oxford The mathematician Ada … Continue reading

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Nine Worlds: Religion Track Talk and Schedule

I’ll be speaking at Nine Worlds Geekfest this weekend on the Religion track. I’m a late addition to replace on of the talks, so I’m not showing on the schedule. I’m now on the track schedule, and will be speaking … Continue reading

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Review of Other Worlds

An edited version of this review appeared on on 8th June 2015. In May I visited the British Academy in London for two of the events in their Literature Week programme. This was the British Academy’s fourth biennial Literature … Continue reading

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Imposter Syndrome – the cat amongst the pengiuns

Originally posted on bloggerbyresearch:
This week I admitted that I worry that I am not good enough to do a PhD.? I often think that I don’t have the intelligence or research skills to get anywhere with it.? I feel…

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