CFP: Science, Society and Civilisation Issue of HARTS & Minds

This call for papers invites submissions from postgraduates, early career researchers and independent researchers on the subject of Science, Society and Civilisation for the eighth edition of HARTS & Minds, an online journal for researchers of the Humanities and Arts, which is due to be published in 2016. The year is 2016. Three hundred and... Continue Reading →

Folklore Resources – This is not a blog

I'm not really blogging and I am still on hiatus while I finish the thesis but I've just come across a really good list of folklore studies resources complied by Ohio State University: This is a very useful list for two reasons. The first is obviously that it collates a wide range of resources... Continue Reading →

CFP: Journal of Dracula Studies (May 1, 2015)

We invite manuscripts of scholarly articles (4000-6000 words) on any of the following: Bram Stoker, the novel Dracula, the historical Dracula, the vampire in folklore, fiction, film, popular culture, and related topics. Submissions should be sent electronically (as an e-mail attachment in .doc or .rtf). Please indicate the title of your submission in the subject... Continue Reading →

CFP: Sustenance and Sustainability Issue

KUDZU SCHOLAR (AUTUMN EQUINOX) (Vol-5. Iss-3, 2015) Theme: "Sustenance and Sustainability" Kudzu House Quarterly For our autumnal scholarly issue, we are interested in examinations of food, agriculture, sustainability, remediation, consumption, marketing, distribution, and allocations of resources in literature and popular culture. Can we eliminate or manage invasive species by eating them? How is food rhetoric... Continue Reading →

CFP: Bookbird

Bookbird: A Journal of International Children’s Literature invites contributions for a special issue exploring the relationship between children’s fiction and posthumanism. From Charles Kingsley’s The Water-Babies to Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games children’s fiction intervenes into debates about what it means to be human, animal, ‘natural’, or machine. Indeed, children’s fiction has an imaginative history of... Continue Reading →

CFP: Signs and Society Journal

Signs and Society is a *multidisciplinary open-access* journal focusing on the study of sign process (or semiosis) in the realms of social action, cognition, and cultural form. Taking as its broad mission the study of “signs and society,” the journal publishes articles that analyze sign processes and/or sign activities empirically—in some specifiable or generalizable social... Continue Reading →

CFP: Monster and the Monstrous Journal

CFP: Volume 4, Number 1 (Summer), Themed Issue on Monstrous Science         "Its magic Dr. Frankenstein!"..."No, its not's science!" (Dr. Whale, Once Upon a Time, Series 2) "Let me tell you, my friend, that there are things done to-day in electrical science which would have been deemed unholy by the very... Continue Reading →

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